{christmas card display}

January 8, 2008

:: this is how i displayed my christmas cards this year. strung up on some pom poms held by itty bitty clothes pins. i love getting christmas cards in the mail. i look forward to that every year. i don’t want to take them down yet, but i think it’s about that time. ::

5 thoughts on “{christmas card display}

  1. CollinLoniCy

    Hey girl!! K, I’m confused.. this is a different site, than the one I was looking at.. haha.. you are so cute! I can’t believe they are only a day apart! How precious! Ya, it’s crazy how much Cy looks like Collin! You can’t tell their baby pics apart! Hope you are well!!

  2. Ashley

    Cute…I hadn’t thought about the mini clothespins. I do something similar, I use ribbon and then tape part of the cards together so I have a slot to feed the ribbon through…and tie it in bows at the ends.

    Wow…you get alot of cards!


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