{organization, please!}

January 3, 2008

:: i sure wish my little z mans closet looked like this picture from parent magazine. funny how a new year makes you want to become a better person… and for me a better organizer. since the house has been making me and my hubby crazy with clutter, i’ve been trying to get a little organizing done. i hope to share a few pictures soon of what i’ve done so far.

unfortunately i have so much more to do. i’ve been of the shut the closet and pretend it’s not there type the past year. but, my goal this year is to have everything organized in every corner. one thing at a time though… i’m already getting overwhelmed just thinking about it. i think my biggest thing is to just part ways with things i haven’t used in over a year. this is going to be really difficult for me especially when it comes to my closet. i mean things i wore in high school just might come back in style, right? ::

4 thoughts on “{organization, please!}

  1. megan

    I know how you feel with the bug to organize. It seems like when you take the tree down and put it all away and start cleaning out the storage room it snowballs into every nook and cranny. This closest is the ideal for perfect organization and I need to do this with every closet in the house. BTW Happy New Year to you and I hope that your holidays were great.

  2. ali

    Oh boy. I wouldn’t mind if my entire house looked like this. Only the hangers would be bigger, and holding pretty clothes for yours truly. 🙂

  3. Ashley

    Cute…we need to redo storage too. I did in MY closet…but then we stopped…lol. Looks like we should pick that back up again!

    I like the inspiration photo!


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