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May 20, 2008

i’ve been getting a lot of requests for the items i sold at the beehive bazaar. so, for those of you who missed the beehive bazaar [or live too far], you’re in luck. i’ll be making many of the items i made for the beehive bazaar available in my shops soon. and, for those of you who made it to the beehive bazaar and your favorite piece was already taken [i only made one of each] you can get it in my shop soon too.
until then, here’s a few of my favorite pieces i made for the bazaar…

i’ll share some more soon!

6 thoughts on “armelle jewelry…

  1. April ~ Living the Sweet Life

    Hi Caroline- I really really want the Leiha earrings. I saw them at the Beehive Bazaar but when I went back they were gone. Can you please let me know when you have them back in stock. I will buy a pair right away! I blogged about them today too :)April

  2. patrick & carly

    I love the bird necklace! It is gorgeous! I was wondering about your lydia earrings… If I ordered a pair right away, how soon could I get them. They would be perfect to go with the dress I am wearing to my sister’s wedding! Would it be possible to have you email a reply? Thanks!

  3. i'm kelly

    they are all so pretty. i’m so sad i missed the boutique. i bet it was awesome. i always love your stuff – you are so dang talented. what a lucky girl, thanks for your little bits of inspirations daily.


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