crab stuffed salmon in phyllo dough…

July 23, 2008

i’ve had some phyllo dough in the freezer for the past… well, let’s just say a little while. i finally decided to put some to use, so i came up with this recipe. it’s super easy, but looks fancy and tastes great! now, don’t quote me on the measurements, they are just guidelines as i didn’t measure.. sorry..

{crab stuffed salmon in phyllo dough}
serves 2

2 individual servings of fresh salmon
1-2 cups of imitation crab meat, shredded
1/2 block, [4 oz] of cream cheese, softened
a few shakes here and there of old bay seasoning
5 sheets of phyllo dough [more or less depending on your preference]
melted butter

lay out sheets of phyllo dough on top of each other. you can brush melted butter between each layer, but that is optional. take salmon and make a slit in the center across horizontally. mix together shredded crab and cream cheese with a few shakes of old bay seasoning to taste. stuff mixture into center of salmon. shake more old bay seasoning all over salmon. place both salmon portions on phyllo and half the phyllo dough. wrap the phyllo dough around each salmon portion and tuck folded parts underneath and secure with melted butter. place on a greased baking sheet and bake in oven at 450 degrees for 20 minutes uncovered.


4 thoughts on “crab stuffed salmon in phyllo dough…

  1. Sarah F.

    Wow! You always amaze me. I don’t know if I could get my hubby or kiddos to eat this but it sure sounds good to me!

  2. Laurie

    This looks/sounds really good! Great way to use phyllo dough (which I always think looks good, but never know what to do with it…).


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