fisher-price classic toys…

July 21, 2008

i just love that i’m seeing replicas being made of the fisher price classic toys. i’ll definately be getting some for my little guy. they bring back a lot of memories don’t they? i’ve spotted some at my local target, [although i couldn’t find them online] and it looks like toys r us has them too! and, of course you can always check ebay for the real thing, but they probably are a bit used by now.

1. the classic chatter telephone
2. the classic two-tune tv

4 thoughts on “fisher-price classic toys…

  1. Jolene

    I saw your baby clothing dividers that u made on another blog! I cant find them here but they are awesome! GREAT JOB….I am defiantley swiping the idea and making my own! Thanks again! Great log BTW!

  2. April ~ Living the Sweet Life

    I love these classics. I just found out the old push toy that has the little people in it that pop up and down when you push it that is at my grandma’s house is mine. She said she bought it for me when I was really little. It has been there since I was five and we moved out of state. It has been played with by most of the grandkids and greatgrandkids even my own three children. I am going to take it home with me next time we visit the farm so I can share it with my grandkids someday.


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