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July 17, 2008

i’m really liking this dress by isaac mizrahi for target.
but, here’s the deal. i never can find cute clothes at target. i see so many other people buying cute things and when i go and look around i never find them. maybe my target is lame or something. i’ve seen things online that are cute, but i never really see them at the store. does anyone else have that problem. maybe i just don’t look enough?

5 thoughts on “tar – jay…

  1. kristina

    supper cute dress!!! I have the tar-jay problem as well!
    but I have noticed that the super targets don’t have as many cute fashions as the regular targets.

  2. easytomiss.com

    I hardly ever find any clothes that I want to buy at the store. A lot of things are online-only, or apparently not very widely available in the stores. I order from their website quite often with no problems and return whatever doesn’t work to the store with no hassle.

  3. robyn

    i think the secret is online ordering. all the targets in town never have any of the cute stuff, but then they do online. plus then you don’t get sucked in by the clearance end-caps.

    online is the way to go!


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