July 17, 2008

i’ve got lighting on the brain lately…
i’ve been trying to find the perfect lamps for our night stands and just cannot find the right ones.
i did however get a little pleasant surprise when browsing walmarts website and found a few nice things.. yes, these are all from walmart. and, the cool thing is, they let you ship to the store for free and pick it up at your local walmart. and, of course the prices are great… well, it is walmart i suppose.
from left to right, top to bottom:
1. mini chandelier
2. ceiling pendant lamp
3. white ceramic lamp with brown dot shade
4. newport table lamp in black
5. ceramic white table lamp
6. wrigley table lamp
7. glass ball lamp
8. nydia clear lamp

6 thoughts on “lighting…

  1. Vicky

    Is it only on my end??? I just found your blog here the other day and it looks like a place I could spend hours 🙂 ….. but most of the pictures of things you post about don’t come through? All I get are these little icons where I think a picture should be that say “upgrade to pro today! bandwidth exceeded in photobucket” …. So I’m missssssing a lot!! 🙁 Any idea why I can’t see your photos of the things you’re writing about??? Thanks!

  2. AJ & Chelsee

    Walmart Wow! guess I need to be a bit more open minded. I love the black one. Just an FYI they have the most beautiful chandeliers right now at IKEA. I always thought they were so cheap and I was totally wrong…Love that place. I love your blog.


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