corn on the cob with shallot-thyme butter…

August 28, 2008

i’m currently obsessed with this corn on the cob. i can’t get enough of it. it’s beyond good.
i was inspired to make this from a dish at the pizzeria 712 my friend told be about and i couldn’t stop thinking about it until i tried something similar. i’m so glad i did.

{corn on the cob with shallot-thyme butter}
recipe found here

8 tablespoons [1 stick butter], room temperature
2/3 cup chopped shallots [3 oz]
2 tablespoons chopped fresh thyme or 2 tsp dried [i really recommend fresh]

6-9 ears of corn, shucked – boiled or grilled. to grill brush with olive oil and cook 10 min. away from direct heat. move around a lot. directions


melt 2 tbsp butter in heavy small skillet over medium heat
add shallots and saute until brown, about 4-7 minutes
combine remaining 6 tbsp butter and thyme in small bowl
add shallot mixture and blend well.

season to taste with salt and pepper

serve with corn.

2 thoughts on “corn on the cob with shallot-thyme butter…

  1. Stephanie

    Two nights in a row of fresh corn and still not sick of it. I’m going to try your recipe next time…

    Thank you for all the recipes actually! I’ve been away from baking/cooking for a bit but am completely inspired by these last 3 delicious recipes.


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