pleasing to the eye…

September 18, 2008

i’m a big fan of watkins products, especially their spices. but, to be honest. it’s their packaging that gets me. i’m REALLY susceptable to nice packaging. and, it always helps when they have nice products. i’ll tell ya, my cinnamon never looked so good!

i love that their spices are in tins. because 1] they are really pretty tins, and 2] it helps keep the spices longer if they are not in any direct light.

other yummy products include their apothacary line + cleaning products.

3 thoughts on “pleasing to the eye…

  1. Melody

    I just stumbled across you blog and am enjoying reading it very much.

    The tins are wonderful aren’t they? And yes they do help keep your spices longer as they protect them from light and moisture.

    Fresh herbs and spices taste so much better, you won’t believe the difference until you’ve tried them.


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