yard sale reflections…

September 20, 2008

so, i successfully hosted my first yard sale today. and, it sure was interesting to say the least.
i’ve been collecting things all summer for a potential yard sale, and finally decided to just get it over with.
it did feel great to get rid of a room full of things, and get paid for it! i was really happy with the results.

here’s a few things i learned from having a yard sale [my yard sale tips]:

  • items in the 10¢ bin still aren’t cheap enough for some people. they want an even better deal! but, i did almost sell out of my 10¢ bin. kids love it.
  • some people just aren’t excited about used designer jeans for $7 a pair. i mean diesel and seven jeans.. oh well.
  • every single person but one still purchased MY asking price for an item that they tried to get an even better deal on when i refused to go lower. stand firm ladies, it’s worth it. especially since i was already giving it away with the price to begin with.
  • people who came to my yard sale drove really nice suv’s, nicer than my car in fact. but, still wanted to pay nothing for things.
  • opening your garage door until only 1/4 of it is showing and using the lip on the inside to hang clothes is probably my most ingenious idea i’ve had to date. wow was that a lifesaver! plus, it keep people from peering and walking into my garage because there was a nice “wall” of clothing to block them.
  • putting price tags on nearly every item i had, was a pain.. but in the end i know helped me sell more.
  • old ladies like to be pushy and tell you the price of things, not the other way around.
  • people like to ask to break a $100 bill for a 50¢ item.
  • many people like to keep their money in their car, and get a screaming deal from you and then run to their purse full of cash.
  • items are negotiated down to 25¢, then they pull out a $10 or $20 bill to pay for it.
  • people like to buy junk.
  • people like to hid small items in clothes they are buying. keep an eye out.
  • playing music at your garage sale is great because people don’t feel awkward coming to your sale that is dead silent, and they can work on their negotiating plans without you hearing.., and you get to listen to some tunes while your standing there.
  • every time something big sold at the front of the sale and i’d replace it and display something else in it’s place it too would sell quick.
  • people come before your listed start time.
  • people come after your listed end time.
  • make signs with big writing and arrows. people cannot read small markers/pen.
  • having everything set out nicely on tables really helped because people didn’t have to lean over and sift through any boxes too much.
  • wearing a fanny pack past 1989 did actually help me out a lot to carry my cash and things with me at all times. i was rockin’ it, let me tell ya.
  • really nice things don’t sell as much at yard sales, mainly all your junk. which is great because i don’t want my junk.
  • have a yard sale if you have a lot to get rid of. the motivation to go through your things for a sale is worth it, and when you go through your things with the intent of selling it, you get rid of a lot more. and when you think you don’t have much to sell, you really do have a lot.
  • and the last tip i can think of: always be sure to donate your left overs to good causes. it saves them from the landfill and helps someone else! always a good thing.

more awesome tips i found at the yard sale queen .com. click here.

5 thoughts on “yard sale reflections…

  1. Anonymous

    Great yard sale tips. Consider adding an item to use a free online garage sales while you are collecting your sale items and after when you have left over sale items. I’ve been using them for years especially when an item is going to take some time to find the right buyer.

    Yard Sales Rock!!

  2. Jenn

    Ha, that’s a crack-up about people sneaking items into clothing pockets. I mean, seriously? This happens in Utah? I thought everyone is nice in Utah. But, what do I know. I’m a convert that has never even been there. 🙂

  3. Mary

    Great tips and too funny comments! Negotiating down to 25 cents and then paying with a $20? Awesome. Yard sales are a ton of work – glad yours paid off.


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