17 thoughts on “finally made it…

  1. abby

    i love it! i know we live in the same area, so i’m wondering where you buy your feathers. are they just at regular craft stores?

  2. .caroline armelle.

    hi abby..

    i’ve looked all over craft stores and couldn’t ever find these plain feathers. i ended up ordering them from someone who plucks them right off their bird…

    good luck! i’d try a google search.

  3. .caroline armelle.

    hi erin!

    i made the rose with fabric that i ripped instead of cute to a 1-2 inch size and really long. then i just wrapped it in a circle as i folded the fabric in places and glued. eventually it started to look like a rose..

    thanks for all the nice comments all!

  4. Keianna J

    WOW! What a beautiful headband. I am too a huge fan of elastic headbands. I just started creating my own a few weeks ago. I am addicted to creating them now. Thanks for sharing your post.


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