circus party invitations…

April 2, 2009

circus party invitations

i’ve been busy the last little bit, planning and getting ready for my little z man’s second birthday.
i really can’t believe he’s going to be two next week!

we decided we are going to throw him a circus party with our families. it should be good times. i’ll post pictures after the party.

here are the details on the invites i created for the party. . .

first, i took the little guy out to have a mini photo shoot with a big red balloon. i never thought he’d hold still, but i think he liked the balloon. i turned the images into faux “polaroids” using photoshop and i had them printed to polaroid size on 4×6 photo paper then cut them out.

next, i created some long address labels and printed them on full sheet label paper and then cut them out. the front had the addressee and our return address was on the other end of the label that wrapped around the back of the envelope.

i also created the “circus ticket” invitation, and printed it on textured red cardstock paper and cut them out. the date and time are on each end where you’d normally see the ticket number on a real circus ticket.

a fun addition to the invitation and polaroid was the red balloon. on the back of the ticket invitation i put details about a secret password to redeem a prize at the circus party. the password is found on the balloon if you blow it up. my favorite part of the ticket [may be hard to read from the picture] is where it says “disclaimer: password may self-destruct.”

so, there you have it. my little z man’s birthday invitations.
now, just pray for me that the actual party will go well. i’ll post pictures after the party next week!
wish me luck!

40 thoughts on “circus party invitations…

  1. Danielle

    What a great idea for invitations! I have some little cousins who have birthdays coming up and this is perfect for them!!
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Hope you post pictures from the party, because if the invitations are this clever, I’m sure the party will be great as well!

  2. Rebekka

    Oh I love them so much! Makes me want to have a party tomorrow.

    I just discovered your blog and am kind of in love.


  3. Lynne

    I saw these on You are my Fave – what can I say – they are so amazing! I need to have a party so that I can copy this idea!

  4. Tami H.

    Would you mind sharing how in the world you got the border of the tickets to curve in on the corners like a ticket??? I have gone through everything on word. It's driving me CRAZY! I LOVE this idea and all of your ideas! I am using it in February for my 2 and 3 year olds party!
    Thank you again for sharing!

  5. .caroline armelle.

    hi tami.

    there is a draw function in word. there is a drop box that has shapes you can draw like circles etc.. the ticket shape is in one of those. just play with all of them. at least it is that way in my version of word.

    good luck.

  6. All Events 411

    hi, great idea for the invitation. i'm throwing my son's first birthday party in this theme as well but i thought of writing the directions to the venue on the balloon instead. i inflated the balloon first and wrote it down. but when i deflate the balloon the ink gets smeared. i tried doing it the other way around, the ink disappears when i inflate the balloon. how did you make yours work? thanks!

  7. Anonymous

    Hi…I am throwing my kids' party, and I was wondering if you could tell me how you made the ticket invitation. It is such a great idea. You can email me at Also, just for the record…you are such a creative genius. Your party ideas rock!!! Thanks, Tabitha

  8. Anonymous

    hi girl!! im throwing mi little girls 1st birthday and i have everything for circus..!! please help me with the tickets invitation.. and how was the decoration?!!


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