10 thoughts on “wheely bugs…

  1. Horsley Family

    These are great! I have the ladybug for my little girl and they are so much fun. It’s great in the house for rainy days, and when it’s sunny they’re great outside too. They’re so cute, I don’t even have to “put it away” when guests come over:) (I didn’t get mine at walmart though, and now I’m pretty sure I paid double- dang!)

  2. Hillary

    I got the cow at Walmart.com… its sooooo cute and my little boy loves it. He’s 14 months and can’t quite walk it himself but he likes to be pushed on it… great toy!! 🙂

  3. Megan

    these are too cute-i love the ladybug one! Anyone else think they should start making an adult version of these toys? 🙂

  4. Dawn

    I have been considering buying my two little boys one of these wheelybug buggies each. I just hope that they are pretty robust as my boys are quite rough with their toys and tend to break a lot of the things I have gotten them.


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