round-up : ikea toys…

December 11, 2009

during this time of year, a lot of us have toys on the mind.

here’s a little round-up of ikea toys that we either own, or would love to own someday…

i do prefer wooden toys. my hubby thinks i’m a toy snob. but, i say that if i have to look at them covering my floor all day, and i pick them up for a good part of my day, then at least i want them to be pretty.
we have this little leka baby gym from ikea and baby norah loves it… and so does big brother ezra.i also just picked up this little mula push toy from ikea yesterday. for $7.99, i thought it was a great little addition to our toy collection.this ekorre rocking mouse has been on my list for a while. my little z man has this ekorre walker/push toy and he loves it. he puts all his cars and trucks in it and pushes it all around.this isn’t necessarily a toy, but i love this rofylld mini rockerand, last but not least..i LOVE this virre wooden slide. i’ve been wanting it for a while. it’s darling and my little z man would go nuts over it. would definitely have to stay inside since it’s made of wood. but, it’s cute enough to be inside.

10 thoughts on “round-up : ikea toys…

  1. Horsley Family

    ooh, loved this post. i am also a self declared "toy snob", and i didn't know ikea had so many great options! i've done all my shopping online, which is wonderful, but it's nice to know my local ikea might stock some of these darling things. thanks!

  2. Victoria

    We've had hours of fun with Ikea stuff. The construction set was a big hit, as was the train track. Haven't seen that cute slide or rocker though, and I was only at Ikea on Wednesday. Must pop back for another look!

  3. Olivia Carter

    Oh yes, my husband drives me crazy. I took him to shop with me for Christmas gifts & he kept picking action figures & barbie dolls. ARG! I'm a toy snob too. And I have that play gym, the roll/push toy, & the walker. They are well used & loved in our family. Love that Ikea!

  4. {Erica}

    Just bought that slide for the girls. We can't wait for them to see it. They will use it to slide down, crawl under and send many a toy flying down as well.

  5. Heather J

    i agree that wood toys are just more aesthetically pleasing (and don't play annoying music or sounds). we have the bead roller coaster and the push toy and love them. i think we need to add teh rocking moose to our list. i enjoy your blog!


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