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  1. lahmode

    I have been eyeing up some wallpaper for quite some time now. I've seen it making the rounds on some blogs in the past couple months. But ever since renovating my great grandmother's house that had about 7 layers of wallpaper on the walls…I've vowed to NEVER do that to my children! Lol. It took WEEKS to scrap off all the layers and the gobs of glue underneath. Wallpaper is a lovely addition to a room but there are side effects…especially if you want to paint later.

  2. Erin Lee

    I'm sure you probably know of this already, but my favorite is the grey trellis wallpaper from Ballarddesigns.com (i've actually been waiting to do this in my office too!)

  3. the mama monster

    i'm obsessed with wallpaper right now too. i'm thinking i'm going to wallpaper with fabric though since you have more options and it's reusable! weird question…were you at home depot in layton last nigh? if so then i saw you and thought you looked familiar!

  4. Barbie

    Hi Caroline! I bought some wallpaper for the interior of my son's closet at Target.com of all places. They sell a line of wallpaper by Graham and Brown. If you want to go directly to the G&B website, here you go– http://www.grahambrown.com/us/index?page=index&language=en_US.

    Also, have you heard of the great blog, Little Green Notebook? It's one of my daily reads (or at least whenever she posts). She's written several times about wallpaper. I recommend going to her blog and searching "wallpaper."


  5. jane

    oooooh, this is a good post for me! i too am just about to wallpaper a few places in my home. I am hoping to get it all done in january as i start a mini home makeover to freshen things up a little here and there. if you find any other fabulous wallpapers, please share!


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