spain, on the road again …

March 15, 2010

have you ever watched, spain, on the road again?i got hooked one saturday morning, and watched it all day long episode after follows gwyneth paltrow, mario batali, mark bittman, and claudia bassols around spain on a culinary adventure. they eat, they shop for food, catch fresh seafood, cook, play, and eat some more.every time i watch an episode it makes me want to go to a fancy restaurant and eat something i’ve never tried before.. dish, after dish.if you ever see this on tv. stop and watch a few episodes. they are enjoyable!i also believe you can download the episodes from their website, here, and watch never before seen scenes and view recipes.

4 thoughts on “spain, on the road again …

  1. Plan and Play

    I love that show! Spanish food is my fave. And Gwyneth Spanish skills are great (Coming from a girl that speaks Spanish). I enjoy your blog very much. Cheers!


  2. {jane}

    so, the geek i am really thought YOU were in spain from the post title…

    i'll have to check this out, i really like gwyneth paltrow and you don't get to see her in many places these days.

    thanks for the recommendation!


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