globes, a shelf, and a rocking chair …

April 7, 2010

Photobucketas i said before, we just finished our basement.

i’m still organizing and trying to get everything in its place.

over the weekend we finally were able to get to ikea to pick up an expedit shelf to organize all of our toys. it was fun for me to finally put up all my globes i’ve been collecting over the past three years. i also was able to pick up a modern rocker that i’ve been wanting forever. [thanks caitlin!]

i quickly threw all the toys up on the shelf. so, i’m sure it will change a bit, but it’s really nice to have it all in one area. now, if it would only stay organized. but, with these two kids… that’s just not going to happen.

Photobucketoh well, can’t have it all right?

as far as other things going on, i’m in deep party planning mode for ezra’s party this weekend.

i’ve been re-labeling just about everything.

Photobucketcaitlin sent me over a label from her son’s party last year that i tweeked a bit to match ezra’s party, so that really helped speed up the process!

i’ll share more pics of the planning tomorrow!

18 thoughts on “globes, a shelf, and a rocking chair …

  1. becky

    love all of it! i can't wait to see what you do for the party. 🙂

    p.s. i was just at the antique mall in springville yesterday and i saw a cool globe, i should pick it up for you!

  2. Polly

    Oh my goodness this is sooo cute! That Eames rocker is my favourite chair in the world. And the bunting pillow and those globes! <3
    I am very slightly in love. Very jealous xx

  3. kelli

    It's so cheerful! I love it. And I'm curious about your chair: I've been going back and forth about white molded Eames style chairs (whether of not a look a like could be okay or if it's really worth getting an authentic Herman Miller design??).

  4. .caroline armelle.

    thanks guys!

    i'm glad you all like it!

    megan, the wire baskets are from urban outfitters. i found them in the clearance area about six months ago, so i'm not sure if they still sell them.

    the white rocker is an eames replica. it seems nice so far, but we just picked it up the other day so we'll see how it holds up.


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