tiny party favors …

June 28, 2010

party favor

i just finished putting together these tiny party favor bags for my little norah’s first birthday this week. it’s hard to tell, but these bags are about 4 inches tall, so they’re pretty tiny.i had so much fun finding tiny items to fill the tiny bags. this is what i came up with, and what would fit in a tiny little bag.

so, there are:
mini m&m’s
tiny bubble gum
tiny chiclet gum
a party blower
a tiny watercolor set
a tiny crayon set
tiny laffy taffy
tiny magnifying glass
tiny bottle of bubbles

then, i used a tiny clothes pin decorated with happy tape to close the top.

i hope norah and her tiny cousins like it!

18 thoughts on “tiny party favors …

  1. twirling betty

    Oh my Goodness – I love this so much. Gorgeous tiny things beautifully packaged. I used those tiny watercolour sets in gift bags for a rainbow party I threw for my daughter one year. She still uses it. I'm sure all your tiny things will be a big (in the tiniest way possible) hit.

  2. Colleen

    These are absolutely adorable! Love your blog – I hope I can throw my son or daughter such an amazing birthday! You're an inspiration! : ) xoxo


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