tiny party invitations …

June 25, 2010


tiny birthday party invitation

After seeing this darling tiny party, i knew i had to throw my little norah a tiny party for her first birthday.

I’ve been storing ideas ever since, and i am now actually getting it all together for my tiny norah’s first birthday next week. i can’t believe she’s almost one?!

i finally finished the tiny invitations and almost have them all delivered for her family party. [we have big families between the two of us, so all our parties end up being family parties with cousins, aunts, uncles, grandma’s, and grandpa’s!]

i made the invitation in photoshop and printed them out, then added tiny bunting with happy tape. the invitations ended up being about the size of a business card and were tucked into a teeny tiny envelope. i tied a magnifying glass to the front with bakers twine. [a darling idea i saw here]

a closer view courtesy of my little ezra, the hand model.

have a great weekend!

and, be sure to check back monday, i’ll be posting some pictures of the tiny party favors i came up with!

15 thoughts on “tiny party invitations …

  1. yours truly

    You blow me away with all your wonderful ideas! This is the cutest idea, and how perfect for her first party. Now, how can I convince my 3 yrd old that it would be super cool to have a mini party for her 4th birthday? 🙂

  2. Leah

    I need another baby so I can do this. I've been dying to do this kind of party and have those mini baby bananas and get the kid cones from McDonalds to use for dessert. So cute.

  3. megan

    Darling as you always do. You add such great touches to everything you do. So excited to see more. . . .

  4. thecolorplaid

    these are absolutely incredible! nice work! i will have to file this idea away in the archives for when i have babies.

    you are so good at designing invites!!

  5. Sonic the Hedgehog Party Supplies

    If I am going to receive that kind of invitation card. I will definitely come in that birthday party. It is a very simple card and I am sure that the party is so much fun.


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