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September 3, 2010

Maybe it’s because I am half French, but can I say, I just love a good cheese!
If you think about it, cheese is quite miraculous.   There are so many varieties, from cow, sheep, goat, and each cheese is so distinct with it’s own unique flavor and texture.
It amazes me that the impression of any given cheese can be altered for better or for worse, when it is paired with other foods.  I love to take cheese and pair it with food.  While, they each have their own distinct taste, when paired together, it becomes something completely different.
Here are a few food suggestions that I love to eat with cheese.
I love to pair cheeses with nuts.  Generally I use almonds, pecans, and walnuts.  If you serve them slightly toasted it brings out their flavor.  Just 5-10 minutes in a 350 degree oven will do the trick.
I love to eat these with cheese, since they are typically sweet, they give a nice compliment to the saltiness of most cheeses.  Apricot preserves and honey are my favorites.
Fresh fruits and dried fruits go amazing with cheese!
I love a nice ripe pear with blue cheese, or have you had blueberries with warm brie?  C’est magnifique!
Some of my other favorite fruits with cheese are: apples, raspberries, figs, and dates.
Some good quality olives can add a lot to cheese.  The briny flavor of the olives can contrast with the richness of some cheeses.
A nice cured meat can add a nice salty textural difference to your cheese.   I love a nice prosciutto or other fine Italian meats.
I love to eat cheese in my salads!  Cheese can taste amazing when mixed with greens and a nice vinaigrette.  My favorite cheese in salads would have to be: goat cheese, feta cheese, and blue cheese.
Breads and Crackers
Cheese is most often served with a nice crusty bread or cracker.  Be sure not to skimp on these and find some good quality bread and crackers.  Maybe save the ritz crackers for another day if you know what I mean.  I love a nice crusty baguette or  high quality crackers.
And, there you have it.
Be sure to try everything and remember your favorite combinations!
If you need help creating a great cheese board, Stephanie did a helpful post a few months back, click here to view.

6 thoughts on “cheese please …

  1. Everything Under My Sun

    The food looks fantastic and I am loving the plates just as much! Would you mind telling me where you got those from? Thanks!

  2. .caroline armelle.


    i get a lot of people asking me where i got my plates.

    i actually found an entire set at a thrift store of course. and, funny thing is that is was on two separate occasions.


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