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September 2, 2010

so, my husband got me the bob revolution double jogging stroller from my birthday and anniversary. and, i love it! i’ve been wanting one forever and i am so excited to finally have one.
they are so nice, and the shocks alone on this thing makes it worth it. it’s a nice smooth ride for my kiddos and it’s super easy to push considering all the weight i have in there.
i still love my phil and teds {yes, i have a lot of strollers}, but mainly for going to places like the mall, where i have to open doors by myself and weave in and out of tight places, like clothing racks. and, it is always nice to drop one seat and use it as a single.
so, what is your favorite double stroller?

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  1. lovely lindsay

    this makes me feel a little less crazy for plunking down the cash for yet another stroller. babe no. three is on the way + i had to have the UPPABaby Vista. It's amazing! plus with the running board i can get all three kiddos on at once + it will still plow through like nothin'
    love, lindsay

  2. haverlee

    For a lower budget, I'm in LOVE with my Joovy Caboose Ultralight. Its a sit and stand double. Super easy to fold up, so lightweight and maneuvers very easily. Plus it was only $200 on Amazon. I love that if I only have one child with me, I don't feel like I'm pushing a train.
    We had a Bugaboo Frog with our first born. I loved everything about it EXCEPT folding it up. Very cumbersome. And impossible for anyone else to figure it out besides me and my husband.

  3. Anonymous

    The Baby Jogger City Select is amazing! Like Phil & Ted's is a tandem that you can remove one seat from and use as a single. But with the City Select the 2nd seat sits higher! With the additions/ extras your can configure the seats 18 different ways!

  4. Kim@Living with Little People

    We bought a Phil & Ted's when the little person was born for its capacity to be converted into a double stroller. Unfortunately, I suspect by the time baby number two finally comes along we won't need a double. The little person has grown up so quickly!

  5. Mrs. Q.

    Oh, awesome. My son is now 5/daughter 3, so they are done with strollers and it makes me a little sad. I loved the Instep Safari jogger. I walk/hike more than jog, so I don't know if the Bob is better suited for that, but the Instep has great nubby wheels, swivel or locking front wheel means it turns on a dime and it's more than half the price of the Bob! The width made it perfect for mall trips, too. My only reservation is that you need a BIG trunk to store this sucker or you have to pop off the front wheel.


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