feels like fall …

October 5, 2010

i feel like now that the days have cooled off, it finally feels like fall.

i came down with a nasty stomach bug yesterday, so bad i’d never wish it on my worst enemy (not that i really have one). i laid around all day while lucky my husband was able to stay home from work to watch the kiddos. it rained a lot outside, and it got me thinking about how much i really enjoy the fall (well, when i’m not sick and in pain that is). the weather is nice, it is beautiful, with the leaves changing, and there is an excitement in the crisp air.

so, i’ve been thinking about a list of things i want to do this fall.

here are a few things i came up with.

fall to-do list:

  • bake pumpkin bread
  • go on a hayride
  • prepare and eat dinner in a pumpkin (any good recipes to share?)
  • go to the pumpkin patch
  • carve pumpkins
  • decorate for halloween (hopefully tonight!)
  • plants bulbs in my garden to enjoy next spring
  • make homemade caramel apples
  • go to a halloween party or two
  • make homemade doughnuts
  • go to gardner village to see the witches
  • make a fall wreath for my front door
  • make pumpkin soup
  • roast pumpkin seeds
  • make homemade chili for the first time
  • finish sewing norah’s halloween costume (she’ll be so cute!)
  • dress up for halloween? ? (it’s been years)
  • make halloween goodies, like these cake pops
  • pass out candy to cute little ones all dressed up
  • take photos of my children in the fall foliage
  • enjoy the last bits of good weather outside
  • go on a fall hike in the mountains
  • get lists organized for christmas
  • make some fall accessories for norah
  • wear my wellies
  • take my children to the mountains to discover nature
  • make fall crafts with my children (remember this one? i loved doing that!)
  • capture fall in a photograph

this is just a start to my list. i hope to add more. and, yes most of them have to do with food, i now realize. so, what is on your fall list? anything good i am missing?and, stay tuned, i have some good giveaways coming up!!{photo credit}

4 thoughts on “feels like fall …

  1. Kristie Lynne

    Ooh you should share how to make a fall wreath. I've been looking around and I can't find one I love, so I'd like to make one. I just don't know how. Thanks!

    And a visit to Gardener Village is on my list too!

  2. Hope

    my comment was going to be the same as Kristie's! I'm wanting to make a fall wreath, and looking for some good inspiration! 🙂

    love your blog, btw! 🙂


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