jack – o – lantern ideas …

October 25, 2010

every year, i have good intentions to carve pumpkins, but we always run out of time.this year, i am determined to carve our pumpkins. here are a few pumpkin carving ideas i came across.above, witch jack o lanterns. pumpkin totemblack magic carved pumpkinsvultures cavehungry jack o’ lanternmummy pumpkinsi also love the painted ones, black and white painted pumpkinsclick here for some great templates!

3 thoughts on “jack – o – lantern ideas …

  1. Shabby Baker

    Every year, on Halloween, it became my habit to check out some of the latest pumpkin carving ideas and designs coz I want to try something new. Thanks for sharing these ideas. I think this year, I'm gonna go for something hilarious, or maybe something gross like the "throwing up" pumpkin.


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