halloween 2010 …

November 2, 2010

we had a great halloween!
my little UPS man, and little red riding hood had a blast!  little red riding hood scored a lot of extra candy just for being so cute!
it was fun to see my little ezra so excited to trick or treat this year.  he would have gone all night if it weren’t rainy and cold.

we finally got a chance to carve our pumpkins.  my pumpkin was eating norah’s pumpkin.  i guess that is what happens when you go down for a nap during pumpkin carving.

and, i am officially off candy again, after so much candy, i need a break.  my poor children had their candy raided by their parents, but they didn’t seem to mind.  well candy,  it was fun while it lasted.

i hope your halloween went well!  ’til next year!

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