huge sale in my shop ….

October 28, 2010

i am having a HUGE sale in my shop to make way for my new inventory i’m cooking up for my upcoming shows this fall/winter.

check out the sale items here! {items starting at $9!}

here’s a little preview of what’s for sale.

white jade teardrop necklace - SALE ITEM

sparkley smoky necklace - SALE ITEM

peachy earrings - SALE ITEM

gracie brass earrings   .    aventurine green- SALE ITEM

see more sale items here!
oh, and if you blog about my sale, i’ll give you another 10% off.
just give me the link at checkout and i’ll re-imburse you the 10%!
*get them while they’re hot! once they are gone, they’re gone … and, to the two next lucky devils who order, there is still free shipping ’til we reach 400 sales! {update: thanks for all the support on getting my shop to 400 sales!}

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