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January 25, 2011

my little ezra’s 4th birthday is coming up right around the same time our new little baby boy is due.
i have been trying to get ahead and ready for his party in advance, because i anticipate that it will be a bit of a crazy time.  he has been so excited for his party, and asking me about when his birthday is everyday the past few months, so i still want to try to pull off a fun little party for him even though things will be a bit crazy with the new baby.

we ventured off to our local airplane air force museum a few weeks ago, to play and to look for a little inspiration.

we loved this blue and yellow airplane.  i saw it, and was sold on the color scheme.  i always like to have a color scheme when planning parties, because i feel like it is so much easier to get all the accessories together that way.

i also love the old school / vintage air force logos on all the vintage airplanes.  i am definitely going to be incorporating it into some of the party decorations.

and, of course these two had a blast running around wild…

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