slip ons …

February 22, 2011

i picked up a couple pair of these fun slip-on’s while at forever 21 the other day.

the gray ones kind of remind me of the grey toms.  but, these were only $5.50 a pop.  they come in other fun colors too!

and, at this point in my pregnancy (only 4-6 weeks left!), i really appreciate some good slip ons!

6 thoughts on “slip ons …

  1. Anonymous

    I love the tiny theme party you threw! Perfection. Where did you get the little magnifying glass and envelope and also the bakers twine. I am in slc is there anywhere local I can get them? My little one trines 1 in a month so I need to get going! Love your blog and am really loving your new dining area. Thanks for any help you can give!

  2. .caroline armelle.

    hi anonymous.

    the tiny party magnifying glasses were from the party store zurchers, and the tiny envelopes from office depot. the bakers twine i purchased from a wholesaler, but you can buy it from my sponsor urban scarlet, link on my left sidebar.
    good luck!


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