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  1. Jessica @ Afternoon Sun

    I saw that desk few weeks ago and I was about to buy it, then we went to IKEA and I was planning on getting a desk there than changed my mind. After that we took our chances and went to Crate and Barrel where I feel in love with their Spotlight white desk similar to WM's Josephine just a little bigger. The thing about that was that is was or still is [last time I checked was a day before Valentine's] on back order.

    Anyways, we splurged and got the Bedford from PB.

    Afternoon Sun

  2. MommaHen

    I was obsessively drooling over you blog all day yesterday and today I felt like I did a blog post you would appreciate . I think your color style rubbed off on me!

  3. JMay

    Oh my gosh, I have to thank you soooo much!!!! I have been looking for a white desk like this ever since I saw an inspiration work space with a white desk just like that but it was soooo expensive. This one is gorgeous & cheap! I am going to buy it!

    Thanks so much, seriously 🙂


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