aden + anais for target …

March 23, 2011

i was happy to see my favorite little swaddler blankets are now available at target for $29.99 for a 4 pack!

the original aden + anais stars four pack is also a great deal over on the lucky kids magazine online breaks right now!

6 thoughts on “aden + anais for target …

  1. elsabags

    i totally just bought these for ninja baby! i was a little disappointed though that one of them was blank. guess i'll have to use the yudu

  2. Iliah

    They've carried these at target for awile now, at least over a year. But i think they may have been in packs of 2 for the same price. I know for sure they were there last year when i was preggo (my daughter will be one at the end of april) and i'm pretty sure they were there before i was preggo…because i remember seeing them and thinking i needed to have them when i was expecting again!

  3. Andrea

    Does anyone know what this difference is between these and the originals? Are they smaller or something? It's hard to imagine that they could be all that different.


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