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March 22, 2011

with baby number three due any day now, i’ve been thinking a lot about what i am going to do with my other two children while i’m occupied with the baby, and we’re stuck at home for a little bit.

here are a few fun ideas i’ve seen around the web.
set up a fun craft table filled with colorful crayons and paper.  via ohdeedoh, via simply seleta.

make colorful blocks like these ones from fawn and forest by painting plain wood blocks found at craft stores
make some rainbow crayons, via say yes to hoboken, via momtastic
velvet homemade play dough, via the coterie blog
muffin tin snacks, via ohdeedoh, via muffin tin mom
 fruit and peanut butter sushi sandwiches, via the kitchn
diy felt faces, via say yes to hoboken
make ice cream in a ziploc bag, via ohdeedoh
make a homemade quiet book, some friends and i are working on this, can’t wait!  (image via wood pond designs etsy shop)
so, any ideas you want to share?  any tips on how to occupy a 4 year old and 20 month old?
i’d love to hear your fun ideas!

9 thoughts on “toddler activities …

  1. Barbie

    I've got baby #3 due in July so these ideas are perfect! If you like art for your kids, you might check out the fantastic online art class currently underway at She takes away the instructions after 2 days but I've been keeping them in a document so let me know if you're interested! My two boys (5 and almost 3) have been LOVING each class and it adds some nice structure to our days.

    Good luck! Excited to see what you name this one! Any plans to post photos of the nursery? 🙂

  2. Shalise

    My girls love to sit on the porch or at the sink with different containers and kitchen tools and just play in the water. Simple and lasts for hours!

  3. Vera

    When my #3 was a few weeks old, I spread an old shower curtain on the floor and put down some rice, spoons, cups and toy cars – kept my 3 year old busy for a long, long time and wasn't messy as I'd feared (I was sitting nearby with the baby to make sure she didn't start throwing rice or something). I was looking for that blog post and look, it's a whole post about what my three kids and I did when I had a newborn!

    The best thing – GO OUTSIDE! You're lucky with a spring baby, because the weather is nice for walks, the zoo, playground, yard, etc.


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