DIY: embellished shirt …

March 11, 2011

can i just tell you how much my little norah makes me laugh.

she is equally cute as she is a little stinker at times.  she really is in one of those stages… where she likes to be naughty and really doesn’t care if you say no.   should be very interesting when baby brother arrives in 2 1/2 weeks.

i made this little character a fun embellished shirt for valentine’s day last month, and she was sure proud to show it off.

i just used a plan white shirt, and made the flowers from different colors of jersey material.  i cheated, and ran the fabric through my die cut machine from lifestyle crafts, using the new little blossoms cookie cutter die.  it didn’t cut completely through the fabric, but it gave me a nice pattern to cut out the rest and fold them in half and layer them until i got the right size flower.  then, i just simply sewed all the little flowers in place after some layering, and sewed them to the shirt.

the flowers did shrink up a little in the wash, but you could iron them out again.  i thought this was a fun way to liven up a $2 white shirt from wal-mart.

{photos by me}

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