seeing stripes …

March 11, 2011

while browsing ikea last week, i noticed they were putting out their summer outdoor items.
it made me excited for warmer days, and hanging out in the great outdoors.

they had some cute new things like:

a striped hammock
these great steel chairs that remind me of the ones in france where you can chill by the fountains at luxembourg or the louvre
and, of course the striped umbrellas.
are you excited for summer yet?
i know i am.

8 thoughts on “seeing stripes …

  1. Nikki

    When I saw all this fun stuff last week I started dreaming of barbecues and the splash pool. Then we had that huge snow fall Monday night and now summer seems further away. Do you think Ikea would mind if I set up house in their display?

  2. Laci

    I swear I have said this before but We think alike! A few times we have posted the same stuff and today I was finishing up my segment for Monday on stripes and lo and behold you post the same stuff. Too fun!
    Great minds think alike 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    I totally just bought the black and white striped umbrella today for my back porch!! I absolutely love it!


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