airplane party: the favor bags …

May 17, 2011

i always love to put together little party favor bags to go with the theme of the party.

i put together these little favor bags with some draw string canvas bags from etsy.  i then used my lifestyle crafts die cut machine with the circle and star cutters to make the old school air force logo out of wool felt, and just glued them on the bag.

inside the favor bags, i put peanuts, a toy airplane, a compass, airplane stickers, a foam airplane, and a candy airplane.

the candy airplanes were a lot of fun to make, i originally saw the idea here, and i decided to make them using push up pops, fruit striped gum, colored hair elastics, and lifesavers.

my little army of candy airplanes.

be sure to check back for some more airplane party fun.

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{all photos by me}

5 thoughts on “airplane party: the favor bags …

  1. {Erica}

    Oh my goodness the pushpops made the planes look so awesome!

    I have book marked this page for my little guy.

    Love the bags as well…and the peanuts – a perfect addition of course!


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