blankets for mr. thomas …

May 15, 2011

can you believe how tiny my little thomas is still?  he has the cutest little chicken legs, if i do say so.
anyhow, i wanted to share a few blankets i sewed for the little guy.

this first quilt is my absolute favorite.  i love all the colors and the stripes!  the other side is a soft white minky fabric.  my friend jessica made a darling one for her little girl after she was inspired by a cute bib from modern thread.  one of these days i’ll have to make jess post a tutorial when she’s not so busy, because they really are cute and not too hard to make.

this yellow, black and white blanket i started originally for my little norah, i even bought the cutest pleated ruffle yellow trim for it.  well, it goes to show you how great i am at finishing sewing projects.  so, i finished it for mr. thomas.  it is also yellow on the other side.

it’s also nice for taking pictures of the little peanut.

this last one i used an amy butler fabric i had lying around forever.  i made it small on purpose, it’s the perfect size for car seats.  it’s a soft off white minky fabric on the other side.

wow! i proud of myself for actually finishing a few sewing projects around here.  you’d seriously die if you saw my list of things i need to sew that i just haven’t gotten around to doing… it’s pretty sad.

18 thoughts on “blankets for mr. thomas …

  1. Toni

    Those all turned out amazing, I need to have another baby just so I can make one of those like Jess'. And just goes to show, we need to have more sewing nights! He is one adorable TINY little peanut.

  2. Heather J

    Very cute blankets! You'll be glad you did those. Your little guy is so sweet. I totally understand your 'things to be sewn' list. I don't think mine will ever be completed at the rate I'm going.

  3. {jane}

    wow, caroline! are you going to start offering blankets in your shop, too?!? these are incredible.

    miss you. i hope all is well, and you are handling three littles well. sometimes those days can get long.

  4. Angie Millar

    Oh such a cute wee babe, adroable! I LOVE the black/white/yellow combo – can you tell me where you got the white/black fabric? Thanks xx

  5. .caroline armelle.

    hi mandy.

    i just used the regular solid cotton colors at the fabric store that i liked. i tried to get as many of the kona cotton fabric in the colors i like because it's softer and better quality. hope this helps..

  6. .caroline armelle.

    hi riskeybusiness.

    i top stiched the trim on. and i have no idea how to do a ruffle trim. i usually just buy the trim all ready to sew on.


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