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September 16, 2011

Green smoothies are starting to become “all the rage” now-a-days.  Have you tried one?
We just purchased one of those blenders on steroids and have been experimenting with many different types of smoothies.
I really love the green smoothies!  It is nice to be able to sneak in some vegetables for even more vitamins and nutrients!  I have loved just throwing in any produce we need to use up!  And, my kids are smoothie lovers, so it is nice to see them drinking up so many fruits and vegetables!
We have tried out quite a few green smoothies, but this one is by far my favorite at the moment.
{Green Smoothie}
{Makes about 7-8 cups*)
1 cup grapes (green or red)
1 cup fresh or frozen pineapple chunks
1 banana (peeled)
1 small carrot (cut in half)
1 small apple (cored and seeded, cut into chunks)
1 small lime (no need to peel, or 1/2 or 1/4 of a larger lime) *keeping the zest adds a nice flavor!
2 cups baby spinach
3 cups ice
1/4 c rice milk (optional, but you can use it to get smoothie to desired consistency)
Wash all fruit and vegetables well with water.  Place all the ingredients in blender in order listed.
*This recipe is meant for a 64 oz (8 cup) capacity blender.  If you have a smaller blender, be sure to half the recipe.
Blend until smooth consistency.

4 thoughts on “green smoothies …


    Ever since I got a smoothie maker I can't stop making smoothies too… great for breakfast 🙂 and homemade shakes are amazing too 🙂

  2. Sherice

    We have the Blendtec, (which is basically another version of the vitamix) and use ours every day. We always have a bag of vanilla flavored protein powder(Costco) and will add it to our smoothies for an awesome post~workout recovery drink. It is awesome for us, and a good way to sneak a little extra protein into the kiddos' diet as well:)

    Hope you guys have a fabulous time in Cali~ this time of year is beautiful there:)

  3. Jennifer

    I am so jealous! I have been wanting a vitamix forever, but our regular blender works fine and I can't justify getting a new one. Something that's also good to add to smoothies is ground flax seed.


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