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September 30, 2011

this month was my turn to host book club.
in our book club, the person who hosts makes some goodies, and gets to choose the book.  i chose to read the happiness project.  i’ve read it before, but it is always a nice book to read over and over, to remind me of little things i need to work on.

 i guess i went with a bit of a french and italian theme, since i ended up making two kinds of quiches, baked brie, crepes with berries, salad with poppy seed dressing, and italian sodas with whipped cream.

the italian sodas were a lot of fun to make.  it was my first time serving them, so i drew up a little diagram on how to make them.  they were delish!

and, it wouldn’t be book club without this amazing, and talented group of friends.  seriously, i love my book club!

our book club has read: (well, what i can remember)
the help
the hunger games books
the same kind of different as me
angle of repose
water for elephants
the education of little tree
life after life
jane eyre
something borrowed
the bell jar
sweetness at the bottom of the pie
the happiness project

so, do you have a book club?  what have you read?

13 thoughts on “book club …

  1. brooke field

    crepes and italian sodas are my favorite! and love your pants, so cute! thanks for always sharing such lovely things on your blog 🙂

  2. Jennifer

    Wow! This is such an impressive table of goodies! I recently joined a book club with a few friends. Our first assignment was Room, which I loved, and our latest assignment is One Day. I'll have to refer your list when it's time to read our next book.

  3. Rika

    I was in the Daybreak book club before we moved. They have a blog with a great list of books we have read.
    I recommend 3 Cups of Tea
    GLass Castle
    Secret Life of Bees
    Sight Hound.

    Cheers fro Darwin Australia


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