lately …

December 10, 2011

wow!  it is already almost mid-december, and soon it will be christmas!

it tends to be a busy work time for me, but we are trying to make the most of the holiday season!

this is what we’ve been up to lately…

1.  having lots of fun with the newest addition to the family … mac!
2.  getting gussied up for church.
3.  bowling at my nephews birthday party!
4.  playing lots of blocks.
5.  trimming the tree.
6.  having a (non-alcoholic) girls night!
7.  keeping fed ex and ups busy with online christmas shopping.
8.  keeping up and packaging up orders for the shop.
9.  playing games of paper plate and balloon ping pong.
10. packaging up handmade goodies to swap.

happy weekend!
what have you been up to lately?
any fun holiday plans?

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