persimmons …

December 9, 2011

i recently got a whole bunch of persimmons in my CSA basket.
i have seen this bright orange fruit around, but i had never tried one.

so, i did a little research, and found some fun recipes to try using persimmons.  they are tasty plain, and amazing on your morning oatmeal!

read all about persimmons on my zupas post today.  click here.

so, what about you?  do you like persimmons?  or are you like me and never tried them?

{photo by me}

5 thoughts on “persimmons …

  1. Steph

    My family LOVES them! My parents have a huge (er, massive) tree in their backyard. We eat them naked like an apple or sometimes peel the skin. We've never made treats with them… maybe this year! Most of the time we eat them while crunchy or share them so quickly that they do not have time to "soften" in order to put in cookie or bread recipes! heehee

  2. כפירונית

    I love them! and almost forgot what they were called in English!
    so, letting you know that the name is almost similar in Hebrew too!
    we call them "Apharsemon", which, having the same letter for the sound F and P, is almost the same!


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