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December 3, 2011

I have been trying to get organized in my little studio/office.

When we finished the room, we built lots of shelves in the closet to store all my junk.  and, trust me, I have a lot of junk (there is a reason i’m only showing half of the closet, ha!)

I like the idea of putting things in clear labeled bins, so that i could see what I needed faster.

I love to use the inside of doors for organization whenever i can.  so, i was thrilled to find this wrapping paper holder idea from bri of the collected blog.

I bought the wooden dowels, and had them cut them to the size i needed in the store.
The metal hooks are from Lowes.  it took me forever to find them, like 4 trips to lowes.
there are in the hardware isle and are 3 1/2″ metal hooks made by stanley national.

I just had the dowels cut to the width of the door, and then i screwed in the metal hooks about two inches in, so the dowels wouldn’t slip off.

i love being able to hand my go to wrapping paper from it, i also hung my freezer paper, and i used hooks from ikea on the lower one to hang my rulers.
i added a magnetic strip from ikea to hold all my scissors and cutters.  (high from my children’s reach)
the wooden thread holder is from joanns.  it has been nice to have all my thread in one place so that i don’t always keep buying the same color because i can’t find it.

the other closet door, i hung a hook set from ikea to keep my broom and my favorite go to brown kraft paper bags.

it feels good to get a few things organized around the studio.  now, i just need to keep it clean… ya wish me luck with that.

{photos by me, caroline armelle drake}

13 thoughts on “my studio closet …

  1. Bree

    Long time reader, first time commenter…
    I have a deep and abiding love of organization and I'm swooning over your studio. Really nicely done.

  2. You Are My Fave

    This is so inspiring. I'm packing all my craft supplies right now and it's a gigantic mess. I want to be as organized as you!


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