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February 4, 2012

so, last month i was able to attend altitude design summit (alt!) again, and it was such a blast!
i made the mistake last year of showing up with a sub-par business card, and i knew i had to step it up a bit this year.
i didn’t have a lot of time or funds to hire someone to design my card, so i decided to go the DIY route.  i was hoping other bloggers and DIY types would appreciate the effort.
i first designed a custom stamp for the cards, i got the stamp idea from melissa of ISLY’s cute cards last year.
i liked the stamp idea, because you could do several colors, and stamp on a variety of surfaces.  i stamped my logo and information onto lifestyle crafts mini cards.  i love how they are already cut to size and they are thick cotton-based high quality paper.
for the back of the cards, i wanted some texture and some fun, so i used the lifestyle crafts L letterpress with the wintertide polka dot plates, and hand rolled the back of the card with hot pink letter-pressed polka dots.  (loving polka dots!)
i couldn’t decide on a color, so i ended up doing three!  a turquoise with pink polka dots on the back.  a gold with pink polka dots on the back, and a hot pink with gold letter-pressed polka dots on the back.

now for the fun part!

i decided i wanted to hand out a few goodies to my friends at alt.  so, i placed my business cards in a small glassine bag, and put a few of my favorite candies inside with a sticker attached that had my QR code.
a QR code is a label you can scan with a smartphone and it will bring up a website.  so, when you scanned my stickers they brought up my blog.

i attached the QR code stickers to some of my favorite asian candies, hi-chews and guava candies, along with a tiny pack of chicklet gum.

i stuffed it all into the glassine bag, and sealed it with some japanese masking tape.  and, viola!
it was fun to make, and hand out the little goodies with my business card!  hopefully everyone i met along the way liked them! (i was up way to late finishing them up, and i am not a night person, ha!)

so, there you have it!  some fun DIY business cards!

{all photos by me}

14 thoughts on “new DIY business cards …

  1. Kerry

    These look so great! Love that you went the DIY route… and the candy with the scan code is the icing on the cake! I'm sure everyone loved them!

  2. Lindsey Johnson

    I think your business card was one of my very favorites. So cute. And I had no idea it was stamped! I love it. Totally thought you had it letterpressed. The little candies were fun too.

  3. .caroline armelle.

    thanks for the nice comments!

    i had my stamps made at mc gees stamp and trophy in utah.

    also, the QR code was made from a website that will generate and websites QR code if you type it in. i can't remember which one, but just google QR code generator and you should be able to find one.


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