meat + cheese board …

February 3, 2012

there is something simple and elegant about a nice meat, fruit and cheese board.  It can be arranged in no time, but the presentation is a huge wow factor!
there isn’t much rhyme or reason to putting one together either.  i like to put out a few of favorite cheese selections, some sliced dried meat, fruit, olives, and crackers.  but, really you can do a number of combinations.
with the super bowl coming up this sunday, a nice spread like this may just be the winning ticket at your party!
for my cheese board I used:
castelvetrano olives
carr table crackers
dried dates
gruyere cheese
dried sliced salami
cambozola cheese (it’s like a mix of brie and blue cheese, love!)
green grapes
cutie clementine oranges
it also makes for a great snack or a fun lunch!
see more on my zupas post here.
{photo by me, caroline drake}

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