diy: magnetic chalkboard trays

June 29, 2012

Summer is finally here!  And, for many of us, that means lots of road trips in the car, and extra time to entertain the little ones.

I made some chalkboard trays to help keep my kiddos entertained this summer, and keep them fresh on their letters!

They are so easy to make!  You only need a few supplies.

The chalkboard tray is perfect for your children to doodle their letters, or use it as a tray to hold their toys as they play in the car.

It is perfect that it is magnetic too!  They can use it to play with their favorite magnets!

For the full tutorial on how to make magnetic chalkboard trays, check out my post over on Hellobee today!  Click here.

{all photos by caroline armelle drake}

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