gourmet tin foil dinners …

June 29, 2012

we went camping recently, and we made some pretty killer tin foil dinners.

just because your camping, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have good food!  tin foil dinners are nice because they can be prepared in advance, and while you are camping you can just throw them in the fire and dinner is ready to go in no time.

making tin foil dinners is simple, and you can “gourmet them up” pretty easy by adding a few little extras like amazing veggies, seasoned meat, and some amazing herbed butter.

i am sharing my step-by-step instructions, and recipe for gourmet tin foil dinners over on my post for zupas today.  be sure to check it out here!

{all photos by me, caroline armelle drake}

3 thoughts on “gourmet tin foil dinners …

  1. Linda Geertsen

    Thank you! I posted a request on my personal FB page for a "killer" "gourmet–camping style" tin foil dinner recipe. Since I received zip, zero, nada replies (I'm thinking while I was searching for recipes on a Friday night everyone else was, well, out on a Friday night. I.am.not.cool.), this is perfect.
    The links are not working. I'll use your great photos for inspiration.

  2. .caroline armelle.

    Hi Linda!
    the zupas site is currently down, but they are working to fix it!

    you can access it through, http://www.cafezupas.com
    then go to blog link, then you can search tin foil dinners, and you should be able to find it there!


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