diy: custom colored blocks …

July 9, 2012

i enjoy simple toys for my children.  i love to see them play with toys that make the wheels in their heads start to turn.  blocks are a great toy, because every kid loves to play with them and build things.

as a mom of young children, i am constantly picking the same messes over and over.  so, it helps when the toys are pretty to look at while i’m picking them up!

we made these fun neon colored blocks.  and, they were very easy to make!  you only need a few supplies, and you can do any color you want!

i am sharing the full tutorial over on my post for hellobee today!  be sure to check it out, here!

there’s nothing like playing with beautiful things!

{all photos by me, caroline armelle drake}

2 thoughts on “diy: custom colored blocks …

  1. SophiaCharles

    What an amazing blog!
    I love every single DIY that you did. All of them are very creative and beautiful!


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