herbed eggs, bacon, and arugula breakfast sandwich …

July 12, 2012

In the summertime, I have an abundance of fresh herbs at my fingertips.  I love to use them at any chance I get, because I know come winter, my fresh herb garden will be out of commission.
I am not a huge breakfast person, but I do love a good savory option.  This sandwich would be an excellent breakfast choice, and could work for lunch or a quick dinner as well!  Last minute, I threw in some arugula from my garden, and it was the perfect touch!
{Herbed Egg, Bacon, and Arugula Breakfast Sandwich}
{serves 1}
2 Pieces of bread, toasted
3 eggs, and 1 egg white
1 tbs Milk
1 tsp water
2 tbs mixed fresh herbs, (I used chives, dill, basil)
1 tbs shredded cheese (I used manchego)
salt and fresh ground pepper
handful of fresh arugula
2 slices cooked bacon
Toast Bread.  In a small bowl mix, eggs, milk, water, herbs, cheese, and salt and pepper (to taste).   Whisk well, and scramble in a skillet over medium heat.
Add eggs to toast, arugula, and bacon.

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