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December 5, 2013

Steel Cut Oats Recipe
If you have never tried steel cut oats you are in for a treat.  It is similar to your regular rolled oatmeal, but before they roll the oats flat, leaving a nice chewy texture after you cook them. [for a picture of steel cut oats pre-cooked, click here.]  Steel cut oats are the inner part of the oat grain, known as the groat. The groats are cut in two or three pieces in such a way as to enhance the naturally nutty flavor. They are golden-colored and shaped roughly like small grains of rice. Some other names for them are Irish oats, Scotch oats, coarse cut oats, and pinhead oats.
Besides being deliciously chewy, steel cut oats are highly nutritious. They’re especially high in the B vitamins. They also provide protein, calcium and fiber to your diet. An interesting fact about oatmeal is that it is the only food with naturally occurring GLA, or gamma linolenic acid. GLA is an essential fatty acid. [Text found here.]
I like to cook them on the stove top with this basic recipe.
{Steel Cut Oats}
Serves 4
4 cups water
1 cup steel cut oats
pinch of salt [optional]
1. Bring water to a boil
2. Slowly stir in oats
3. When oatmeal begins to thicken, [about 5 minutes] reduce heat to medium, medium low [a simmer]
4. Simmer about 30 minutes or desired consistency.
note: microwaving steel cut oats is not recommended.
I like to eat it with fresh fruit, milk and honey  or agave nectar to sweeten it up!
*For instructions on cooking them overnight in a crock pot click here.

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