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May 26, 2015

A few weeks ago were heading down to Southern Utah, and decided to make a little detour on the way there.
I had no idea where we were going for the first night, but my husband had an idea, so we set off!
We headed out towards central Nevada, where we found some of the loneliest roads in America.  I think they are really called that.  For a good hour or two we didn’t pass a single soul.  Husband is keen on the road less traveled, and that’s really where lots of our fun ends up happening, so I am usually up for the adventure!
We found ourselves near Baker, Nevada home of the Great Basin National Park.  We had to drive over an hour past however to find suitable lodging in Ely, Nevada since the motels in Baker were a little questionable.  I’ve stayed in my fair share of questionable motels with the husband pre-kids.  But, now that we have kids, it’s not as much of an option.  We ended up staying at the Ramada Inn in Ely.  Not many options there, but it was clean and there was breakfast, so the kids loved that.
We explored Lehman caves with an hour guided tour.  I couldn’t imagine stumbling upon these caves back in the day.  They were huge! So many rooms and places to explore, and we didn’t even see it all.
After the caves, we went for a little hike.
Since it was Cinco de Mayo, my little Norah and I decided to sport our beautiful Mexican Embroidered dresses from Flor de Luz Shop.
The scenery was beautiful, and it was fun to check another National Park off of our list.  Especially one that is not on the beaten path.  
I always love finding ourselves on the road less traveled.
Outfit Details
Mine and Norah’s dresses- Flor de Luz Shop
Jacket- Albion Fit
Stackable Bracelets- The Shine Project

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