Recipe // Watermelon Mint Feta Salad

May 28, 2015

Even though it’s been raining just about the entire month of May here in Utah, I am going to will Summer to come if it’s the last thing I do.
When I was a little girl, I used to lay in the grass in the summer.  My parents had planted mint leaves, and they somehow made their way into the grass, and while I would lay back enjoying the sunshine, the smell of fresh mint would be in the air.  That smell reminds me of summer, and takes me back.
Watermelon, mint, and citrus just screams summer to me.  And, maybe if I make it enough, summer will come.
You will need:
Seedless Watermelon Sliced into cubes
Fresh Mint Leaves
Feta Cheese Crumbles
Olive oil
Zest the lemon and limes.
In a large bowl add the desired amount of Watermelon you need.
Add a few drizzles of olive oil to barely coat the watermelon.  Add the juice of one lemon and lime. And, some of the zest.  Wash and chop some mint and sprinkle onto the watermelon.  Sprinkle on the desired amount of feta cheese and mix. Add a teeny sprinkle of salt and pepper if desired.
Enjoy your summer in a bowl!
{all photos by me}

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