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August 13, 2015

Dead Horse Point near Moab Utah
I got to tag along on a work trip my husband had down in Moab, Utah.  Which turned out perfect since it was my birthday and our anniversary weekend!  
We started off the trip at sunset at Dead Horse Point!   The views are really something!  It was nice to just be with me and him and to be able to soak it all in, and not worry about the kids falling off a cliff since they were safe at Grandma’s house. 
The wind was strong, I was hoping not to get carried off the cliff!
Bag: Mus Bags c/o
Shoes: Filantropik Threads c/o
Skirt: Tai Pan Trading 
T-shirt: Forever 21
Sunglasses: Prescription from
Moab Utah
Moab Utah Mus Bags
It was so nice to be able to spend that alone time together, and talk and reminisce about our last 12 years of being married.  We’ve collected a lot of great moments together over the years!
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Nathan’s Running Waterbottle Belt (used this when I trained for a half marathon!)
We were able to spend the next day getting some good hiking in!  We spent a lot of the day hiking the Devils Garden Loop (a little over 7 miles) in Arches National Park.  It was gorgeous, and hot!  But, we lucked out with some good cloud cover the first part.
It’s amazing all this red rock, I never tire of looking at it.  It’s just something else!  There’s nothing quite like it!
We took a little break between hikes, and waited a bit for the weather to cool down with a sweaty nap in the car.  Ha!  Then we decided to head up to the Delicate Arch hike, the most popular and well known of all the Moab hikes.  
I decided to run the uphill part to make it go faster.  It was a killer, but being surrounded by such a beautiful placed helped a lot!  There were also a million other people up there that evening.  We hung out, and took our turn for a photo op under the Arch.  There were many a photoshoot under there with selfie sticks from some of the hikers, lol!
We hung out and waited for the sunset!  And, after we ran down in the dark!  It was actually kind of fun! Glad I didn’t twist an ankle!
On our way home, we made a quick stop in Canyonland’s National Park.  
We didn’t get a lot of time there since it was raining and we had to get home to our kids, but it was very pretty!
It was so nice to celebrate our anniversary, and my birthday with just the two of us!  As parents of three young children we very rarely get to take off and get some alone time, but wow.  It sure makes all the difference!  My husband said, wow! “If this is how you are without the kids, maybe we need to do this more often!”  Ha! Meaning, we actually could have conversations, and laugh about things we used to laugh at, and just enjoy it and not worry about the kids constantly, but enjoy each other doing something we both really enjoy doing together…  Being out in nature and enjoying the open horizons!
If you’re planning a trip to Southern Utah and plan to go hiking, be sure to prepare yourself with a day pack of snacks and things, good shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses, and lots and lots and lots of water! You can never be too careful!  Many tourists have died at National Parks each year because they ignore the recommendations, so be sure to check with the National Park pamphlets and information on how much water to bring!  There really is no escape from the sun, and you can dehydrate quick!  So, always pack your H20!!
So, tell me, what’s your favorite hike in Moab?
Lodging (were we stayed): Moab La Quinta Inn – Nice, clean. We liked it.

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