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September 1, 2015

I am so excited to partner with Tempur-Pedic today to review one of their amazing new TEMPUR-Flex mattresses, and give away one queen size bed to one of my readers!
I wanted to make sure that before I wrote this post, that I had a full review of the mattress, so that I can pass along accurate information to you!
The latest mattress to hit the shelves in the Tempur-Pedic line is the TEMPUR-Flex!  
It is the brand’s first mattress collection that combines adaptive support and pressure relief with a slightly spring feel thanks to an all-new TEMPUR material and innovative Dynamic Support layer.
It also includes a new moisture-wicking, cool-to-the-touch SmartClimate System. Which has been great for my husband who tends to be a warm guy at night!
The TEMPUR-Flex is available nationwide at authorized Tempur-Pedic retailers, and through www.TempurPedic.com as well as the brand’s flagship stores.  
We received our new TEMPUR-Flex mattress back in June.  We had just gotten home from a two week vacation, and the thought of sleeping in our own bed was heaven!
My husband and I were so excited to try it out.  Even before it was set up we both fell back first onto the mattress, and let out an, ohhh, ahhhh!!! Nice!
My husband and I have been married for 12 years now this August, and we never invested in a high quality mattress.  I am not sure why, because it really is life changing.  I mean, why didn’t I get one of these beds when I was pregnant three times?!  That would have made such a huge difference!  Word to the wise, don’t wait!  You won’t regret it!
I have LOVED the TEMPUR-Flex because it is firm, but also pillowy at the same time.  You sink into it in all the right places, but you aren’t swallowed up by the mattress either.  
I had been having this lower spinal pain the last few years, and I have a spot on my spine that always felt tender.  The last few months, this bed has definitely helped with that pain, and it feels nice to not only sleep in the bed with no more tossing and turning, but also it gives nice support to sit in bed and watch TV or check my phone updates, which I’m guilty of doing way too often.  My bed is my happy place, and much more so with my new TEMPUR-Flex!   It has been nice as a side sleeper to not have too much pressure on my joints when I sleep, and I can get a better quality sound sleep!
It’s safe to say that both my husband, and I are LOVING our new mattress, and we are for SURE getting a better nights sleep!
Now, I am so excited to give away one Tempur-Flex Queen size Mattress to one of my amazing readers!!  (Queen size mattress range from $1999-$3199!)
This is giveaway will happen mainly on my instagram – @armelle_blog, so be sure to head over there to enter, and for BONUS entries, enter below with the Rafflecopter giveaway!  And, be sure to leave a comment telling me why you need this mattress!

This giveaway ends September 2nd at midnight, U.S. Residents only.  Good Luck!!

**** CLOSED!!  A winner has been picked!!!  Thank you so much for entering!! *****

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19 thoughts on “Tempurpedic // Tempur-Flex Giveaway

  1. Lara

    I'm three months pregnant with my third, so this would be perfect! Plus, my husband and I rarely spend a night without one or two tiny midnight visitors in our bed, so this would be a treat for the whole family!

  2. D Johnson

    My current mattress is old and uncomfortable. I have lower back pain and it makes it hard to get a good night's rest. A new mattress would be great!

  3. Madonna

    I need a new mattress because my mattress is old and showing its age. There is a sag in the mattress and I wake up hurting every day. Need a new mattress badly but it isn't in the cards anytime soon.

  4. April Proveaux

    My husband and I are coming up on our 2 year anniversary and we are still sleeping on a very old hand me down mattress. I would LOVE to have a mattress that is just ours. This one sounds amazing!!

  5. Monica Kirkham

    Because I've worked really hard to bring my family out of a difficult situation, which has also included sleeping on an air mattress for a year…. It's time for a good night's sleep!!! 🙂

  6. Dani Lee

    My Mother desperately needs a new mattress, and has been using her cheap one for at least 20 years. She also has two pets that love to sleep with her, so the full size mattress she's been using just isn't cutting it. I'd love to gift her with this amazing, high quality QUEEN sized mattress.

  7. Williams Family

    Hoping to win this for my husband, who has had two back surgeries and struggles with sleep issues EVERY night. Poor guy wakes up in so much pain every morning. It's a terrible way to start each day.
    We've been discussing investing in a new mattress, hoping that might give him some relief. So winning this contest would be awesome for him!

  8. Kayley

    It's hard for me to say I deserve it because I'm sure a lot of people deserve it, but I'd love to get it because I'm currently using a cheap mattress I bought on Amazon when I first moved to my new apartment. I also have sleeping problems and a new mattress from Tempurpedic could greatly improve my quality of life if it helps me rest better.

  9. Cara Maddox

    It looks like pillowy clouds! Our bed is a family piece that has a hand-me-down mattress. It was my husband's grandparents' so who knows how old the mattress is 30-60 years old?!? Yikes!!! Plus, we are hoping for a third baby now! Wouldn't a new mattress be a great way to begin this pregnancy! Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  10. Rachel Nicholas

    I would love to win this and spoil my husband with a new tempurpedic mattress. He has been an army deep sea diver for the past 11 years and works so hard to keep not only our family, but the country safe. For the past three years he has worked tirelessly overseas traveling to third world countries to recover remains of the fallen soilders of all the great wars and reunite them with their families so they may have peace. The work he does at those depths and the time he puts into the recoveries takes a hard toll on his body, he would benefit from this mattress immensely! Thank you!!

  11. Erin Ellis

    I deserve a new mattress because mine is SO OLD and I can't stand it anymore! Oh my goodness. I get so ticked off just thinking about it. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  12. Susan Christy

    My mattress is old, I worry I'm going to roll off during the night if I roll over! 🙂 And I don't sleep very well. Time for a new mattress!!


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